61 More Houses at Restrop refused in June 2020, are back …..

The documents can be found here.

Once again, having fended off an unworthy application for dozens of houses, we are required to consider yet another stab at the same piece of land by the same people. When Wiltshire Council refused it in June last year, the key points were:

  • The proposal fails to accord with saved policy North Wiltshire District Local Plan H4, or with Core Policy 1, Core Policy 2, and Core Policy 19 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (Jan 2015);
  • It further conflicts with Purton Neighbourhood Plan (Nov 2018) Policy 14. The significant increase in the number of dwellings over and above those set out in the Neighbourhood Plan further increases the pressure upon the rural road network due to the lack of services, facilities within the village of Purton and lack of sustainable transport modes for the future occupiers who would be required to travel beyond Purton by private car contrary to Core Policies 60 and 61 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (Jan 2015) and paragraphs 108 109 and 110 of the National Planning Policy Framework;
  • The development would not represent sustainable development;
  • The proposal would result in the built edge of development extending further south of the boundary of this village, in a dense, suburban form of development that fails to integrate into more rural and sparse layouts of nearby developments on this prominent edge of village site; and
  • The proposed development would fail to integrate into the surrounding rural area contrary to Core Policies 51, 57 and Purton Neighbourhood Plan (Nov 2018) Policy 14 as well as paragraphs 127 (b, c, d & f) and para 170 (b)of the National Planning Policy Framework and the principle set out in the National Design Guide.

None of the above reasons for refusal have changed.

However, the devil is in the detail and so watch this space for more analysis.

Comments have to be lodged by 18 March 2021.

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