A bit like Christmas it appears to be a time for repeats

Yet another planning application, once refused keeps coming back. Restrop Road (just on the other side of the Persimmons houses)  was refused back in June 2020 in just five pages of the Planning Inspector’s decision, there was so much that was wrong with the application. Perhaps because it was promoted not by a developer but by a land speculator. One who gets a planning permission (usually in outline) and then sells it on to a developer who then usually tries to get rid of the bits it does not like.

Earlier this year, the application came back and had more or less addressed the technical points that were missing last time. However, even a cursory look at the application indicated that it would fail as the main reasons of the original refusal were still valid.

But it never got to another refusal. Perhaps sensing the lacklustre nature of the application the promoter had a bit of a re-think, and it seemed to disappear ….until now.

This time, however, the big difference is the reduction in the number of houses from 61 to 47. It is not clear why, other than “47” is known as the “the quintessential random number of the universe”. So, perhaps it is relying on some natural resonance that 47 is an OK number. There is no other logic that could be applied.

That is pretty much the only real difference. One redeeming feature that might have given it a bit of sparkle is still missing. There is still no planned vehicular access into Reid’s Piece, the one thing that might have given some value to the village.

Pretty much all the reasons it failed the first time still apply (see previous Comment). The reasons for refusal given by Wiltshire Council remain the same and have not changed in the last few months since the application was first refused.

  • The proposal fails to accord with several policies of Wiltshire Council;
  • It conflicts with the Purton Neighbourhood Plan;
  • The development would not represent sustainable development;
  • The proposal would result in the built edge of development extending further south of the boundary of this village; and
  • The proposed development would fail to integrate into the surrounding rural area contrary to policy and the Purton Neighbourhood Plan.

The documents can be found here.

So, since none of the above reasons for refusal have changed at all, there is nothing to commend this application.

Comments need to be submitted by Tuesday 2, November, so not long.

Comments can be submitted here

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