Dr Richard Pagett

…an international development advisor and author specialising in a range
of environmental, social, sustainability, climate change, security,
resilience and other issues. He holds a University of London BSc (Zoology,
Botany, Chemistry and Geology) and a science-based PhD. Following his
degrees, he took a postdoctoral research fellowship for four years at the
University of Leeds working on rare earth geochemistry in the deep ocean. He
then began a career of international development around the world. He works
mostly with international funding agencies and national governments and has
hands-on knowledge and experience in 135 countries.

Well, that was weird…

Well, that was weird. I am of course talking about the Appeal for 81 additional houses at Elborough Bridge on the edge of the parish,  between Mouldon View and Ridgeway Farm.  This  Appeal was first started  in early 2019 but this was adjourned until further information was submitted by the developer. It seems that the application is now for 79 rather than 81 houses and discussions were supposed to centre on suitability of location, five-year housing land supply, ecology and amenity. An early point that was made by the developer was that […]

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