Ridgeway Farm ~ object or not to object

A bit of a crazy time with Ridgeway Farm. Since the two current applications were not “called in” so that they could be decided by councillors, they will now be decided by Wiltshire Council officers. This is fine for small applications such as household ones ~ not easy to get those wrong. But I would have thought that all big contentious applications with far-reaching consequences should automatically be brought before our elected councillors for scrutiny. Especially, since a short while ago Thames Water put in an objection to the application. […]

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Welcome to CarbonBrake

CarbonBrake is the blog for the international development advisor and author, Dr Richard Pagett.

In it I comment on matters of international, national and local interest concerning the critical issues facing the planet and society. Drawing on my unique hands-on experience from more than 120 countries and, locally, within my parish, I discuss and provoke on the critical issues of water, food, energy, shelter and trade security within the context of resilience, sustainability and climate change.

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