Hoggs Lane ~ footpath re-alignment update

It seems that this fencing is to re-align the right of way in accordance with what is on the Definitive Map. Reading the Decision Notice of the Inspector and squaring that with the Definitive Map there is certainly considerable ambiguity, something that, in hindsight, should have been addressed at the original public inquiry.

There is an Informal Footpath Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 17 January) at the Village Hall at 10 am. This is a usual meeting for members of the public to hear about the excellent work that the Footpath Team (Stile Gang) does and their future plans, and much else besides.

You may also be aware that there has been recent fencing activity on the newly-designated Footpath 161 (Hoggs Lane – Pavenhill) which has closed off the usual route, so if you have concerns about this you may be able to raise this under “Questions”.

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