Houses in Purton ~ Restrop Road ~ a bad day for Purton

The neighbourhood plan was quite detailed in its requirement for how and where the next lot of houses should go in Purton, in conjunction with the spatial planners of Wiltshire Council.

The planners who make planning decisions in the Council had a different idea.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the sustainable basis of the neighbourhood plan was comprehensively undermined. We now have a new development of houses that does not meet the needs of the village, under-estimated the traffic, leaves the play area at the front vulnerable, has a road down which refuse vehicles are not expected to travel (new householders will be expected to haul their bins to a collection point that the refuse vehicle can reach), with no potential for a direct opportunity to access areas to the rear of the development for future housing, and no potential, direct route for a future road to the schools.

A pretty poor outcome and very disappointing to all those who supported the neighbourhood plan during the referendum.

Representation on behalf of the Purton Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Steering Group and our Unitary Councillor could not shift the blinkered opinion of the planners who advised Wiltshire Councillors to allow this development.

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