It would not be Christmas without another planning appeal….

This appeal is going to be virtual. It is about 79 houses at “Land at Purton Road”. As usual it has been refused before. The detail is here from a previous CarbonBrake post which has all the reasons and which have not changed of course.

The Hearing will begin on Tuesday, 1 February 2022 at 10 am and will be run by an Inspector in the normal way, but with everyone invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone. If you wish to attend the Hearing you need to contact Wiltshire Council as soon as possible by email: saying if you want to take an active part in the discussions or attend as an observer.

So, it just remains for me to wish all my readers a happy holiday and a better new year, and to thank you for all your support during the year.

I will now go and hang up my stocking with a wish for no more planning appeals in 2022, in addition to lots of chocolate.


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