Not good news for Purton

The recent exhibition by Hannick Homes of the proposed 28 houses laid bare the cynicism we have come to expect. Representatives of Hannick Homes confirmed that:

  • they know that this proposal is outside the framework boundary and hope that the recent Widham Farm High Court decision clears the way for this;
  • they are intending, over time, to completely develop all the fields they have options on behind Jewels Ash, changing the green centre of Purton for ever, this is just the start;
  • all footpaths in the vicinity (even the one from Vasterne Hill to the High Street) are to be tarmacked over (this urbanises the landscape and makes the argument against future hard development much weaker);
  • the traffic movements quoted are strictly peak hours flow, not during the rest of the day, thus under-estimating the impact; and,
  • the so-called affordable homes will be for whoever the housing authority chooses (currently anyone in the county can be selected for such homes, not just people living locally).

What they did not say, though is widely confirmd, is that the original owners of Jewels Ash properties had to sign a “gagging clause” stopping any public objection to future Hannick Homes in the vicinity, that is, to these new proposals. This gagging order has passed on to new owners. Presumably any new owners of the proposed 28 homes will also have to sign similar gagging orders for any future Hannick Homes developments across the remaining fields. This cannot be a good thing.

This proposal is not good news for Purton at all and should be objected to at every opportunity.

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