Persimmons at Restrop

The flyer that Persimmons sent around to advertise their exhibition about their proposals was remarkably full of typos and missing words. Given that it was only a page and a half long, and they insisted calling the Parish Plan a Village Plan, it does not really auger well for their future diligence. It did all look a bit hasty though I suppose they were concerned about missing the development boat given the other two proposals (Widham and Jewel’s Ash).

Despite the general haste evident in their proposals, their location has the potential to benefit the village the most, given it has fewer constraints. I say potential because, currently, it is outside the framework boundary.

There are two aspects that should also be addressed. The first aspect is that, currently, their thinking is to lump the social housing into a corner which does not lend itself to proper integration. The second aspect is that a significant issue for many years has been the large transit of buses, coaches and private cars twice each school day, to and from Bradon Forest School. Whilst this is difficult to completely resolve, a considerable benefit to the village would be to lead such traffic via a new routing coming somewhere off opposite the Battlewell area. Whilst it cannot be expected that these development proposals could provide that in its entirety, the proposals could be designed with that in mind and then some funds to go into a road fund which over time could develop the new access to the school.

A complex topic that should be discussed within the concept of the Neighbourhood Plan.

What is important is that planned developments do not make future developments harder (or even impossible) to achieve.

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