Purton Neighbourhood Plan ~ invitation to businesses small and large

In connection with the Purton Neighbourhood Plan, the Steering Group has been asked if it could obtain further evidence that there would be interest in increasing the number of small business units at the existing Penn Farm Industrial Estate (below)

Penn Farm Industrial Estate

or Mopes Lane (below) for heavier uses.

Mopes Lane

Such expansion would be ideal for home-based businesses wishing to expand out of the house but still be in Purton or for businesses needing storage areas or yards.

This is just to gauge general interest so all that is needed is a simple email as follows:


Email Subject: Neighbourhood Plan: Penn Farm Industrial Estate

Dear Parish Clerk

I think expanding the number of business units at Penn Farm and or Mopes Lane would be beneficial to small/home businesses in Purton.

Your name

and send to: clerk@purtonpc.eclipse.co.uk

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