Some sagas just keep on running….Bradley’s Field at Moulden View

Last year, at the close of 2018, CarbonBrake noted that:

… many years ago, the 50 houses on Bradley’s Field at Moulden View were built and the deal was that the County Wildlife Site, that would be destroyed, would be “offset” by an equivalent area being set aside and maintained for such purposes. This has taken years to resolve (though the houses were built and sold in a matter of months). Eventually, in  October 2018 the developer completed the first stage of implementation of the offsetting scheme. This is still one to watch to make sure it really does happen, given all the prevarication of the previous years…

Yet, as we draw to a close of 2019, Wiltshire Council has reviewed the submissions of the developer. They were found to be inadequate in 2018 and the works undertaken to date not fully in accord with the expected requirements. A breach notice was issued and further works to meet the requirements were eventually undertaken. Yet, officer-monitoring this year again indicates that the management requirements (to be done by the developer) have still not been completed in full. Again, Wiltshire Council is in the process of issuing another breach notice to require the necessary actions to be completed.

If these are not undertaken, and further breach notices have to be issued, the Council should call on the bond that is provided for in the Section 106 (under which, this offset is being undertaken) and undertake the necessary works.

….and now you are up to date …..until the next one….

thanks for reading these notes and I wish all readers a very relaxed 2020

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