Survey: Wiltshire Council Housing Land Consultation

Wiltshire Council is currently out to consultation concerning options for housing land. Wiltshire Council has said that all areas need to be considered not just the towns. It has also said that it will review the settlement boundary for all settlements down to the size of Large Villages (which includes Purton).

In preparation for a statement on this, I would be grateful for views on three possible options for Purton:

1. No to any more housing, apart from occasional infill.

2. Yes to, say, a small amount of housing (20 – 30 houses) within the existing settlement boundary (see page 54 of Transforming Purton Parish) which would probably be spread across two or three different locations (see page 122, Appendix 11 which indicates potential locations within the current settlement boundary).

3. Yes to, say, a little more housing (30 – 50 houses) outside the existing settlement boundary (see page 122, Appendix 11 which indicates potential locations outside the current settlement boundary) which could be in one location and would have some scope for a range of housing.

Option 1: Given, we already have three developers keenly interested in Purton (Behind Jewels Ask, Witts Lane; Land at Restrop and the never-ending Widham Farm) this option is probably not going to fly with the Wiltshire Council planners.

Option 2: Might be achievable though, of course, it depends on where these are located as to whether or not this would have local (your) support.

Option 3: Would probably find favour as it gives a greater scope for a few more houses with a greater range of types and, of course, it depends on where these are located as to whether or not this would have local (your) support.

I would guess most of us would prefer to say that if we are to receive housing then it must be in the “right” location and it must be of the “right” size.

Having spent several attempts to defeat inappropriate housing, I am wary of suggesting we should go with Option 1 as I think it is no longer tenable (though I am keen to hear views on this)

Of course, if we do offer to take some houses, then we really need to try to emphasise that is should be for a range of housing types such as smaller “starter” homes for younger members of our community which are then conditioned so they cannot be “developed” out of the starter home price range, smaller homes for older residents in which to downsize, and bungalows (of which we do have a clear shortage). We also probably want to include some larger homes for growing families and also some social housing. To get a good mix would be difficult with the smaller number of Option 2.

This leaves us with Option 3. The question then becomes where? There are several choices (see page 122 Appendix) none of which is likely to find favour with all. So we need to look at what adds value (closer to shops to encourage their use, closer to services such as the surgery, or somewhere that might give an opportunity to relieve congestion in the High Street and so on). The section on Housing and Appendix 11 offers a lot of detailed analysis of potential locations.

For this survey I would just like to ask about the three options above, the broad principle of where housing, if any, should go.

Complete the Survey

Select the Option you prefer:

If you really do not agree with any of the above options please indicate an alternative in the space below, because we do need to make a response to the consultation. If we acquiesce, then it will be Wiltshire Council planners and the developers who will decide where future housing goes.

Please alert all your family, friends and neighbours to this survey, the more response the more powerful the message. Wiltshire Council will hear you, I will ensure that.



I agree that my name and postcode may be passed to Wiltshire Council in order to verify that the form submission is genuine.

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May 27, 2014, 19:41
Option 2
the infrastructure in purton cannot cope with small housing estates being tagged on to the village boundry as in the case of restrop road 34 houses potential for at least another 70 cars,
developers will only ever be interested in units per site and max profits and not about quality of village life, or there impact on the surrounding area.
May 6, 2014, 19:08
Option 2
May 6, 2014, 14:34
Option 2
May 2, 2014, 7:25
Option 2
Apr 30, 2014, 16:31
Option 2
Apr 29, 2014, 19:21
Option 2
Could we designate under the national policy planning framework 2014 certain green spaces to protect them now whilst we have an opportunity under this policy.
Areas such as the land behind jewels ash for its richness in wildlife like the protected slow worms that are living there.
Increased traffic and strain on local services like schools ( already have 30+ in classes) would be a concern for option 3.
Apr 29, 2014, 17:11
Option 2
Apr 29, 2014, 16:45
Option 3

Option Preference Totals

Option 1 preferred: 0
Option 2 preferred: 10
Option 3 preferred: 6

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