Sustainability Indicator Application

Co-authored with Neil Cousins of Five Oceans Environmental Services Limited, the Sustainability Indicator is a software package that can be easily accessed and distributed for common use across sectors and geographical areas. The Indicator is being made available for free on a Windows platform where it can be stored on desktops for everyday use and should be used in conjunction with the guidance document.

The use of the Sustainability Indicator allows for a structured and systematic approach to the determination of sustainability. By focussing on finite and renewable resources, the Sustainability Indicator inherently raises the critical questions that need to be answered and those answers need to be supported by reported evidence so that conclusions are transparent and verifiable.

The software package allows for each determination to be saved or copied as a jpg image. This image can then be stored and inserted into reports to clearly show how sustainability has been determined. This image should be supported by explanatory text in reports with the intention of demonstrating a detailed understanding of sustainability related to finite and renewable resources.

The application currently is available by request only. Request Sustainability Indicator.

Download the Users Guide

Guide To Using The Sustainability Indicator
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