What about Widham Farm?

Several have asked me about Widham Farm which seems to have disappeared off the radar? I can assure you it has not and it is just simmering below the surface. As you may recall, the previous application was refused by Wiltshire Council and then was the subject of an appeal. That appeal was dismissed by an Inspector (after strenuous local opposition). Then that decision was subsequently quashed by the High Court. As such the appeal against the refusal of planning permission must be re-heard through a further Inquiry. The Planning Inspectorate is now in the process of organising that Inquiry and is currently in discussion with the appellant and the Council to agree a date for the Inquiry to take place. Anyone previously involved, should be notified of the date and venue, once set by the Planning Inspectorate. The determination of the re-submitted application is held in abeyance whilst this re-heard appeal process takes place. There is a whisper that a date in October or November may be favourite, but it is only a whisper.

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