You can never tell with planning…not a great day, today

Today, the Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Committee considered the 47 houses at Restrop Road to decide this application which the planning officer was recommending for approval.  The Committee can be swayed by good argument and has gone against its officers’ recommendations (to approve) on two previous applications quite recently. So it was by no means a hopeless situation.

BUT, just days before, there was an appeal about some houses at Chilvester Hill near Calne. At that appeal, the planning inspector made some statements and ultimately a decision (I won’t bore you with details) that meant that arguments successfully used in recent weeks could be countered.

So, we are having 47 houses at Restrop Road.

Admittedly, the councillors and the chairman of the committee said many times that they did not want to approve the application but had no choice given the appeal decision at Calne.

So, not a great day for Purton.




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