Land at Purton Road ~ returning for a second time

You may or may not remember this is about 79 houses.

At first it was refused by Wiltshire Council, then it went to appeal which was a long drawn-out affair and it was rejected by the Planning Inspector, back in mid-July last year. Then, the developer went to the High Court to challenge the Inspector’s decision and finally persuaded a judge that it had a case. So the Court has now ordered that the appeal be re-determined. This does not necessarily mean that the Inspector will reach a different overall decision.

The grounds for this new determination are relatively complicated and somewhat nuanced, and are beyond commonsense. So, as members of the public there is not much we can do. Wiltshire Council do not want this unnecessary development any more than the rest of us. Any previous objections will be taken into account by the appointed Inspector.

We wait and watch the cogs of barrister versus barrister turn slowly at the new appeal hearing.


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