South Pavenhill ~ a few documents more

Wiltshire Council’s Urban Design Officer had commented, generally unfavourably, on the application and the applicant has now responded to the concerns raised.

In particular, Wiltshire Council questioned that:

  • The indicative mix of market housing was not convincing.

It remains unconvincing as the applicant offered three different density calculations making it impossible to know what the site will support or be built 

  • Early discussion between the applicant, the local planning authority (LPA) and local community about the design and style of emerging schemes is important for clarifying expectations and reconciling local and commercial interests.

The applicant states it has undertaken pre-application discussions with the LPA and with the community (a public exhibition), the outcomes of which the applicant maintains have been taken into account prior to the submission of the application. A public exhibition does not constitute a public consultation and the application has evolved considerably since the nominal exhibition so there has been no effective public consultation 

  • The applicant maintains that biodiversity will be enhanced, yet the application does not add anything to the existing natural environment other than to put houses in the centre of an agricultural field already managed for wildlife.

In practice, all the previous objections still obtain and the ones above still do not address ongoing concerns regarding housing density, biodiversity and the lack of a proper consultation. And, of course, the over-riding concern of access still remains.

Concerns need to be expressed by 25 April here

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